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Companies That Are Successful Have These Two Things

Audience and rhythm.

You gotta have an audience.

People have to give a sh*t about what you’re doing.

People have to care so much that they’ll follow you on social media, subscribe to your email list and follow your founders.

You know you have this when your audience is growing automatically.

On to rhythm.

This means your company is in sync. It’s a well-oiled machine. The processes are humming along. The advertising hits. Content is coming out at a consistent pace. But it comes together organically. The reason why is that the people who work at your company want to be there. They want to contribute. They want to create. They collaborate across all departments. The beehive is buzzing and it’s producing.

When you try to force these things, it rarely works. The shortcut is to be building something that matters, that’s needed.

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