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Cold Fusion

Uuhh, Yeah – I’d Take A Closer Look At Cold Fusion. Seems Like a Lot Has Changed.

UPDATE 1/10/2022: NASA Detects Lattice Confinement Fusion – Lol. In this century you call UFOs “UAVs” and cold fusion “lattice confinement fusion”. If something ever gets a bad name, just rebrand!

I was twelve in 1989.

Somehow I had heard about cold fusion way back then. It was in the news a lot that year and considering I only had access to a handful of television channels, I probably absorbed some of the noise going on with the cold fusion hoopla. I also surrounded myself with a decently sized crew of nerdy kids, so that probably helped. Continue reading

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cars collecing solar energy

Why not put solar panels on top of cars?

A while back I did a calculation to see how long it’d take to charge an electric car with solar panels. The answer I came up with was something like 5 – 7 days. Bummer.

But then I started thinking about this again, but from a different angle. What if cars just collected solar energy all day. Is it worth it?

Most cars around here just sit in the sun ALL DAY. Might as well be collecting energy right? Continue reading

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Try This First Before You Start Day Trading!

I don’t day trade.

I’m too busy working and I have a financial planner.

But it occurred to me today that if you’re thinking about day trading stocks or crypto, you might want to try this test first.

“The Pretend Trader” Test

1. Pick some trades for the day.

2. Write down / record the date and the price of your trades. You’re not going to buy or sell anything. You’re just recording your pretend trades.

3. Do this every day you plan on trading.

4. After a month or three review your data. Did you come out ahead? Are you good at it? Are you good at it just because it’s a bull market? How do your trades compare to an index fund or S&P 500?

That’s all. Test yourself first. See if you have a knack for it before losing any real money.

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Free Shopify SEO Training – Virtual 1-on-1 Training

I’m getting a few requests to train Shopify store owners on how to SEO their Shopify site. I’ve come up with a pretty lengthy training course, however, I just don’t know how long it will take to go through the entire thing.

If anyone wants to get a free training session with me, it will help me time the training and allow me to package it better.

Please connect with me using this Calendly form below (I’m estimating it will be 90 minutes, but you’ll help me figure out how long it will really be!):

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We’re Not Close To Being Carbon Free: A Look at California Energy Supply for August 11, 2021

I did a quick video last night looking at California’s energy supply. I wanted to see how much natural gas we’re burning to produce electricity (for the entire state). Welp, we’re burning a lot of natural gas to supply California’s electrical needs. I was hoping that renewables would make up most of our energy supply, but for yesterday, that wasn’t the case. Continue reading

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The Answer to Climate Change & Carbon Goals? Carbon-Neutral Synthetic Fuels for Electric Power Plants

Porsche has announced that they plan on building a carbon-neutral fuel refinery in Chile. Thanks to Chile’s sunny, windy climate, Chile makes for an ideal location to generate carbon-neutral fuels.

How does it work?

Well, you can capture CO2 from the atmosphere and hydrogen from water to make almost any hydrocarbon you can think of. It’s just a matter of chemical processing and some input energy to do the work. If you have carbon-free energy from wind and solar, you’re able to produce carbon-neutral (maybe carbon-negative) combustible fuels.

The original idea was to replace crude oil-based automotive fuels

And that’s a good idea. It may turn out that it’s a lot easier and perhaps less expensive than conventional oil drilling and oil refining. It’d be hilarious if it turned out to be the case, because honestly, this concept and science aren’t new. The only thing that’s somewhat new is solar, which means we could have been making this fuel in the 1980s.

But why not run conventional electric power plants with these fuels?

To me, this is the most immediate need. Most conventional power plants on the West Coast of the U.S. burn natural gas to make electric power. Why not swap that out with carbon-neutral synthetic fuels (or syngas)?

Many cities and states have carbon-neutral goals that are coming down the pipe. This might be the quickest way to achieve those goals. Electric power plants provide the base load consistently to their customers and users. Wind and solar are great, they just provide consistent power and most of the infrastructure just isn’t in place. But if you want to hit carbon goals quickly, a carbon-neutral fuel makes the most sense since you don’t have to create smart grids, or build hundreds of square miles of solar panels. Just switch fuels.

Let’s hope that the U.S. government puts some emergency pressure on getting this technology going ASAP.

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