the recipe for business success

The Recipe For Business Success

Is there a surefire way to make any business successful?

Answer: No.

Is there a recipe to follow that makes sure a business venture has a better chance for success?

Answer: Yes!

Should this recipe always be executed?

Answer: YES!

In all my years working in businesses, consulting businesses, talking to startup founders, venture capitalists, and marketing experts..I’ve FINALLY decided to write down my recipe that any business can follow in order to achieve the best possible business success.

For some of you, this will not be revolutionary. However, it is my own unique approach and hopefully, you’ll like it! Continue reading

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the secret to attorney seo

The Secret To SEO For Lawyers

I have a few attorney clients. One of which I’ve had since 2008 (Wow! Time flies!).

I’ve noticed over the years that there’s a certain type of digital marketing agency that specializes in law firm SEO / attorney SEO. Some charge a pretty penny for their service. I think in a lot of cases, SEO for lawyers doesn’t need to be retainer-based, pedal-to-the-metal SEO and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Also, the schedule-of-work routine typically used for lawyer SEO might be a bad idea. Let’s get into why. Continue reading

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Great Thread On How Certain Masks Prevent COVID From Entering Your Airways

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National Institutes of Health

December 2017 NIH Lifts Funding Pause on Gain-of-Function Research

This is an important event that happened leading up to Covid: NIH Lifts Funding Pause on Gain-of-Function Research.

I’m not sure how involved the Trump Administration was in terms of giving the O.K. on this or not. A few years ago, I had heard something to the effect that Trump gave the O.K. for this (basically, to undo an Obama action). A lot of people that grill Fauci always go straight to the gain-of-function issue. It’s worth noting the timeframe on this one.

For the record, I’m not a huge fan of either Obama or Trump. It’s actually kind of nice to live outside the red and blue divide. I think it allows you to think a bit more clearly.

UPDATE: Jan 25, 2024

I watched a Breaking Points segment featuring Emily Kopp talking about the origins of COVID. On the show, journalist Ryan Grim had this to say:

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