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Great Thread On How Certain Masks Prevent COVID From Entering Your Airways

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National Institutes of Health

December 2017 NIH Lifts Funding Pause on Gain-of-Function Research

This is an important event that happened leading up to Covid: NIH Lifts Funding Pause on Gain-of-Function Research.

I’m not sure how involved the Trump Administration was in terms of giving the O.K. on this or not. A few years ago, I had heard something to the effect that Trump gave the O.K. for this (basically, to undo an Obama action). A lot of people that grill Fauci always go straight to the gain-of-function issue. It’s worth noting the timeframe on this one.

For the record, I’m not a huge fan of either Obama or Trump. It’s actually kind of nice to live outside the red and blue divide. I think it allows you to think a bit more clearly.

UPDATE: Jan 25, 2024

I watched a Breaking Points segment featuring Emily Kopp talking about the origins of COVID. On the show, journalist Ryan Grim had this to say:

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I Don’t Think I Ever Got COVID – Here’s What I Did


Also, I’m reading that people are feeling really low on energy these days. Some attribute it to COVID. Check out this thread:


My wife and I got some sort of cold in March 2020. She thinks we got COVID. I’m not quite sure. The first documented case of COVID in the U.S. was from a person from our city.

I had a lingering cold for about three weeks. I don’t remember being knocked out by it. I did have a tiny fever a couple nights.

I never experienced shortness of breath from I remember. Whatever it was, it was pretty mild.

In June of 2021 I got a shot of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. I never took another COVID vaccine since. I did get a flu shot last year.

My wife took Moderna and got a couple boosters since her initial doses.

Both of us haven’t caught COVID or tested positive for COVID since the vaccines came out.

The one thing I did do was I wore 3M N-95 masks religiously.

I always wear my mask when I go shopping, go to coffee shops, or go inside a building that is not my house. I do not eat inside restaurants. I will eat outside.

I don’t go inside my friend’s homes without a mask on.

My wife follows similar protocols. The only difference is she doesn’t wear the 3M N95 mask. She’ll wear a surgical mask or a KN-95 mask.

My kids still wear masks at school.

I just wanted to document this. It’s 2023 and no bad cases of COVID have hit our household yet. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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Repeat COVID Infection Doubles the Risk of Death

I live in Southern California and it seems like everyone over here is over COVID. No one masks. Some people get boosters.

I feel like I’m an anomaly when it comes to COVID.

I realize that all the vaccines were developed quickly and anyone that takes them are being a guinea pig to a certain extent.

I also believe you don’t want to get COVID. You pretty much want to avoid it all costs.

It seems most people fall into either two camps:

1) Get vaccinated and get boosters and move on.
2) Don’t get vaccinated and move on.

But both camps doesn’t really wear mask. I mean, I see a few people wearing masks, but most people don’t around here.

In my opinion, masks are really the only option at this point. And not surgical masks. N95 masks.

I’ve taken one shot of J&J and thankfully, I don’t think I ever got COVID (I got a cold like sickness in March 2020 but it was really mild). I’m very on top of wearing my N95 mask though. And I’ve always been wearing N95 since early 2020.

I always wear my N95 in the grocery store, when I go inside a coffee shop. I never eat inside restaurants. Only outside. I don’t even go inside people’s homes without a mask on.

Three Alarming Things I Came Across

This article:

Repeat COVID Infection Doubles the Risk of Death.

This Tweet:

And this Tweet:

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billions of cars replacing breathable air with CO2 H20 NOx

Billions of Cars Replacing Breathable Air with CO2, H20 & NOx Every Day

I got this hair up my you know what to create a video explaining my perspective on climate change, combustion, cars, energy, etc.

And man-o-man, is video editing time-consuming or what?!?

Hopefully, as I get more hours behind Screenflow, I’ll be a little quicker at busting out videos.

Right now I’m dedicating an hour a day to content creation – whether it be a video or a blog post. This regiment has helped me keep chugging along. I used to have a habit of starting a blog post and then never finishing it. Usually, doing billable work is the priority throughout my day, so content creation gets the back burner. But no longer! I’ve scheduled it in for every day of the week, M – F. Continue reading

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we are eating micro fibers

We’re Eating Our Clothes. Let’s Stop Purchasing Synthetic Clothing.

Plastic clothing.

Sounds cheap, right?


Well, now you’re eating your plastic clothing fibers any time you have seafood these days. To me, this is just another rush-to-market-new-technology fail. Continue reading

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easy ways to reduce your carbon footprint

Two Super Easy Ways To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint & Reforest Your Planet

I generally think it’s a bad idea to assume that your government is going to solve the issues of pollution, deforestation, and CO2 production. There’s just a possibility they’ll never do it. That’s why it’s really important that individuals take it upon themselves to be the change they want to see. Continue reading

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