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If You Spend Money on Flyers Then You Should Definitely Do This as Well

I get a considerable amount of businesses that inquire about my SEO and content services. I send out proposals and sometimes I get customers! Yay me! And sometimes, you don’t even get a response back (how rude!). But… that’s how this business is.

What’s funny to me is a lot of these businesses spend tons of money on flyers and printed material. And oftentimes they don’t know what the return on investment is.

So, I’ve developed a new offer based on this realization:

Why not make a digital flyer that lasts FOREVER? You pay for it ONCE and it attracts eyeballs to it FOREVER.

Not only that, this magical flyer only attracts people WHO WANT TO KNOW ABOUT WHAT’S ON THE FLYER.

Imagine that!

So here’s my offer:

  • I’ll research 1,000s of keywords and phrases related to your business and tell you how many times a month people search for them.
  • We’ll pick the top 5 words or phrases from this list that are services or solutions you provide and make web pages that attract those searches.
  • We’ll watch the traffic roll in! You can see the return in your website analytics. It’s the best of all worlds!

What Do You Think? Do You Want 5 Magical Flyers?

I would love to hear any concerns or questions you may have regarding this offer. It’s a no-brainer to me. It’s a capital investment in your business that you can write off for this year’s taxes. Plus you get ROI year after year from these web pages.

Email me and I’ll explain how this works and answer any questions you may have:

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