billions of cars replacing breathable air with CO2 H20 NOx

Billions of Cars Replacing Breathable Air with CO2, H20 & NOx Every Day

I got this hair up my you know what to create a video explaining my perspective on climate change, combustion, cars, energy, etc.

And man-o-man, is video editing time-consuming or what?!?

Hopefully, as I get more hours behind Screenflow, I’ll be a little quicker at busting out videos.

Right now I’m dedicating an hour a day to content creation – whether it be a video or a blog post. This regiment has helped me keep chugging along. I used to have a habit of starting a blog post and then never finishing it. Usually, doing billable work is the priority throughout my day, so content creation gets the back burner. But no longer! I’ve scheduled it in for every day of the week, M – F.

My next challenge is to learn After Effects so I can do more animations. A lot of the video content I need to produce will have to be animated to some degree. What I may end up doing is creating a rough idea of what I want to put out and hand it off to a pro to clean up / use it as a mockup. We’ll see.

So why did I make this video?

I live in Southern California and the sheer amount of cars here is pretty disgusting. Having a background in Mechanical Engineering – I just sit in traffic and think about all the harmful emissions sputtering out of tailpipes. There are probably a million cars on the road in Los Angeles County during rush hour.

In 2006, of the 4,423,725 workers aged 16 or older in Los Angeles County, 72.0% commuted to work driving alone.

Ok, make that 4 million. Thanks, Wikipedia.

4 million cars all sputtering out exhaust so we can breathe it in. Yay!

And that’s just LA County. Now let’s think about China, India, Europe, Brazil, the entire world. We’re just farting out all kinds of crap into the air. At any given time on this earth, there are hundreds of millions of vehicles doing this. At this scale, it appears to be very concerning.

So there are three things to think about then:

  1. All the harmful emissions that are bad for our health, the environment, water supplies, etc.
  2. Carbon dioxide, and whether or not it’s changing the climate
  3. Replacing breathable air with carbon dioxide, water, and NOx

In this first video, I just take a deep dive into the chemistry of combustion. When we drive down the street we’re combusting octane with air. The result of that is carbon dioxide, water, and some other stuff we just call NOx. My main point in the video is to just try to get people to visualize the magnitude of how much breathable air we convert into carbon dioxide, water, and NOx.

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