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Sean Work is the President of O.C. Search Consulting, Inc. as well as the blog editor of You can follow him on Twitter @seanvwork, connect with him on Linkedin, or "encircle" him on .

battery powered car air conditioning

Automakers Should Provide A Battery Powered A/C Option

When it starts to get hot around Southern California you’ll notice more and more people sitting in their cars with their engines on just to run their air conditioning.

I just came back from lunch and I saw three people doing this in two different parking lots. With that sample, that’s a lot of people running their engines in parking spots all over California right at this moment. I’d say that’s easily 10,000 stationary cars burning gasoline right now. Continue reading

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Can Drones Save Yemen? Perhaps DroneTech Can Partner with the UN or Unicef To Save Lives.

I wrote this quickly. I wanted to get the idea out there and polish it up later. It’s about life and death.

Unfortunately, many of the first drones were made for military purposes. Hundreds of millions of dollars were poured into research and development for drone-based military projects. Now that number is in the billions.

Not to save lives. But to kill people.

Think about that. There are billions of dollars available to develop technologies designed to kill humans.

I gotta ask: why can’t we spend billions on technology programs designed to save lives? I’m really scratching my head on that one…

Aren’t we humans awesome? With all our creativity and industrious energy, the first thing we think of is: How can we use this technology to kill people?

There is hope.

There have been some recent developments to use drones to help people in remote places. By asking a question on Twitter, I found out about Zipline (which strangely enough doesn’t link to a website from their Twitter account).

Zipline’s slogan is “Lifesaving deliveries by drone”.

Alright then. Let’s talk!

There’s no better use case for this technology right now than in Yemen.

Tell me that it wouldn’t be a good idea for the UN or UNICEF to team up with tech companies to fly food and water to the worst war-torn regions of the globe.

For example, in Yemen people are cut off from food and water. 50,000 people have died of famine since 2015. Seems like we should do everything in our power to help these people.

My Crazy Idea

Now companies like Zipline have developed drones that can fly large payloads hundreds of miles. For some reason, I thought up with another solution.

I’m thinking 10,000+ solar-powered (personal / toy sized) drones that fly daily from Eritrea to the neediest parts of Yemen.

distance eritrea to sanaa yemen

I used the Phantom 3 drone as my template and run some numbers…

The Phantom 3 can apparently fly 50 mph. That means the trip from Eritrea to Sanaa Yemen is 3.5 hours one way. If the drone leaves at 9 am and drops off supplies by 12:30 pm, it can return by 4 pm. Thanks to the region and latitude, there’s plenty of sunlight for this journey. I suppose the drones could be programmed to land if it’s too cloudly and continue on the next day or when weather permits.

Now the question is: can you make a solar power drone?

Let’s start with power requirements:

This Quora article goes over the power requirements of a Phantom drone.

15.2 volts at 8.1 amps

Power = Amperage X Voltage

Power = 15.2 x 8.1 amps = 123.12 watts.

So can a solar panel power this drone? And how big would it have to be?

A 39.7″ x 26.7″ solar panel can put out 400 watts.

That’s about 1,060 square inches of panel. But we need 31% of that bad boy, so 329 sq inches. So, call it a 19″ x 19″ panel.

what does 19 inches by 19 inches look like

Imagine a 19″ x 19″ solar panel with four rotors coming out of each corner. And cargo bay underneath.

The payload of the Phantom 3 is 2.5 lbs. But that’s the max payload.

With that said, I definitely think food bars would be an easy payload for this type of mission. Water would be more difficult, but not impossible. 8oz bottle of water is 1/2 lb.

So imagine a swarm of small drones carrying small payloads of food and water, doing daily missions, dropping 10,000 mini payloads a day. It seems like a worthy cause, worth the effort and the funding SHOULD be there for it. I know of plenty of lame B2B tech startups that get a few million bucks for software the world really doesn’t need. The world needs this technology.

Potential Issues

  • 19″ x 19″ is kind of big. That’s a lot of drag. I don’t think it’s a blocker, but hopefully, there’s better panel tech out there that can deliver the same power but slightly smaller.
  • One difficult problem with Sanaa is the altitude is 7,000 ft. I’m not sure if that really matters for drones. If anything, the performance will probably increase.
  • Winds could be an issue. The program would need some great meteorologist on board.
  • One issue I was wondering about is – would delivering food and water to Yemen just get in the hands of the “bad people”. My solution is that the drones just continually drop food and water everywhere so it’s like an easter egg hunt. It’s not like the case where warlords can hijack a truck full of aid. The supplies would be constantly dispersed randomly in regions that need it.
  • Seven hours of continuous use may overheat the drone motors. This is an area I’m not familiar with, but I suspect it could be a problem

Other Ideas

  • It’s possible a traditional airplane drone will work better (when it comes to duration issues). Ideally, you can fashion the wing with solar panel in a way where the panel is no longer a “bad drag” creator and actually contributes to lift. I prefer the helicopter style drone because you can more easily pinpoint payload drop off and drone landings.
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Cold Fusion

Uuhh, Yeah – I’d Take A Closer Look At Cold Fusion. Seems Like a Lot Has Changed.

UPDATE 1/10/2022: NASA Detects Lattice Confinement Fusion – Lol. In this century you call UFOs “UAVs” and cold fusion “lattice confinement fusion”. If something ever gets a bad name, just rebrand!

I was twelve in 1989.

Somehow I had heard about cold fusion way back then. It was in the news a lot that year and considering I only had access to a handful of television channels, I probably absorbed some of the noise going on with the cold fusion hoopla. I also surrounded myself with a decently sized crew of nerdy kids, so that probably helped. Continue reading

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Sean Work on site internet marketing training

I’ll Travel To Your Office: Content Marketing, Social Media, Pay-Per-Click and SEO Training

One thing I love to do is educate. That’s one reason why building the KISSmetrics blog to 1 million readers was so natural for me.

One thing I hate is working inside my office. It’s an office inside a bigger office, and I’m the only tenant. Pretty lonely. I’d much rather be face-to-face with my clients teaching them how to win.

What I’m offering in 2019 is on-site training at your office where I educate your marketing team on all the secrets, tricks, tips and methods to dominate online. I’ve been writing about and executing Internet marketing for years, and now I want to show you and your team how it’s done.

Here’s a list of the things I commonly cover:

Content Marketing

A strong content marketing strategy is the key to successful online marketing these days. There’s an amazing secret I love to reveal in my training that has to do specifically with content marketing. And even if you have just one marketing person on board, I can help make your content marketing strategy blossom into an ROI machine.

Content Marketing Lessons:

  • Why blogging for business is the best ROI
  • How to find the right blog topics that will generate substantial traffic
  • How to optimize a blog post for more search engine traffic
  • How to create headlines that will get clicked on
  • How to create a readable post
  • How to find the best images for your posts and articles
  • How to write for your customers and not your industry
  • When to write content for your industry
  • Video content marketing (SEO, video exporting specs, YouTube optimization)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The SEO training I offer is unique in that I focus on extremely important activities your team can take action on, and they don’t require any coding or technical knowledge. These activities will boost your website traffic within six months and change your entire perspective on Internet marketing.

“Wait, no technical SEO lessons?”

Oh, I’ll get into that too. You’ll learn everything there is to know about SEO while I’m there. Additionally, I’ll SEO your company website on the spot. You may want to have your website developers attend if they can because they are the people who can make some of the more advanced SEO fixes.

SEO Lessons:

  • Real-time, thorough SEO audit
  • How to do SEO that matters, the kind that builds traffic (This is an intensive session and unlocks the secrets that every business wants to know.)
  • SEO education that covers what not to do to your website, day-to-day things you can do that really help and that require ZERO coding or SEO technical skills

Social Media Marketing

I see so many companies do social media completely wrong. Most companies use a one-way dissemination strategy, and that’s it. There’s so much you can do on social media to boost business. I really can’t wait to tell you all about it.

Social Media Marketing Lessons:

  • B2B social media marketing (This is something I have a lot of great tips for. Every B2B business needs to hear and learn this.)
  • How to disseminate your content where you kill three birds with one stone
  • How to spy on your competitors and poach customers
  • How to do social media lead generation
  • How to build online alliances and synergy through social media
  • How to utilize your C-suite to boost your content marketing and SEO efforts using social media


I focus on Google Ads and Bing Advertising. I don’t spend time on Facebook Advertising simply because I’ve never found real business success with their platform (and that’s probably because I usually focus on B2B).

I’ve had incredible success with Bing Advertising, and I know how to make Google Ads work well. But, most important, I can train your team how to manage a successful Google Ads campaign internally. The value of being able to manage a campaign in-house is one of the greatest marketing ROI wins a company can have. Usually, having an outside agency manage your campaign just isn’t efficient. Internal marketing teams know the messaging and the marketing plan, and they can keep the pay-per-click advertising campaigns consistent with the overall company strategy.

Pay-Per-Click Lessons:

  • How to build a Google Ads campaign that works
  • Landing page optimization
  • Conversion rate optimization

Follow Up

After I leave, your team will learn a lot about Internet marketing. The overall goal of my training is to inspire them and get them excited to take immediate action.

They may have questions, and I will want to keep track of their progress. That’s why, for one month, I’ll answer any phone calls or emails and watch the progress of your team. I’ll review their blog posts and send suggestions. I’ll watch their social media activity and make sure they’re doing it right. I’m here to hold your team’s hand so they can go off and conquer the rest of the year.

Schedule a Call To Learn More

Please use the form below to schedule a time to discuss my training program over the phone:


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Spain 2017

In 2016 my wife and I decided to put all our stuff in storage, move out of our place and take the whole family to Spain for 90 days. I’ve been meaning to get the photos off my phone from this trip and put em up here. I guess the time is now! I’ll be slowly adding photos to this post.

zaragosa spain cathedral

Big cathedral in Zaragosa.


After a grueling 30 hours of traveling with two kids, we landed in Barcelona. We got to our apartment and basically slept for three days. We kept waking up at 3pm. Super hungry and nothing open around our neighborhood. There was a pretty amazing park right across the street from our apartment, but from what I can tell, that city is full of amazing nooks and crannies. I seriously think you could explore Barcelona for a year straight and always find something amazing every day.

Now, Barcelona wasn’t as friendly as the rest of Spain. My guess is that since we try to talk to everyone in our horrible Mexican-Style Spanish, people get pretty pissed since Spanish isn’t even their language. Basically, I got the vibe that everyone in that town is pretty annoyed at travelers like us.

My photos from Barca are pretty lame, I’ll look through my wife’s phone to see if there was anything worth putting up.


The next town we stay in was Muel. It’s a small town about 25 minutes west of Zaragosa. It’s slow. It’s old school. You have to plan your day around what stores you need to shop at. You’ll go get your bread first, then your meats, we could never figure out when the fish market was open. Had to make sure we got our milk on Fridays because on the weekends nothing was open. Food and drink were inexpensive. Local wine was something like 2.5 euros a bottle.

narrow street Muel Spain

muel spain streets

Muel Spain Waterfall

What made this town epic was that it was built around “The Virgin Spring”. In the center of the town was a spring that bubbled up into a big pool. A tiny river ran through it and waterfall came off the side of one of the cliffs. It was quite a spectacle.

the-virgin water fountain muel spring

This isn’t the Virgin Spring, it’s just the Virgin Water Fountain.

walking to mozota

One Saturday we decided to walk to the next town over called Mozota. Just as sleepy :). It was starting to warm up considerably too.

Muel Spain Streets

Old sleepy streets of Muel.

More Photos To Come

There are quite a bit of photos to go through. I’ll update this now and then.

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Upturned Highway Due to Earthquake

Since You’re Not Ready For The Next Emergency Just Read This.

It’s been a good 12 years or so….

I had a shocking conversation with someone getting a Ph.D. in emergency preparedness (or something along those lines) from UCLA. He told me that no one is ready for a serious emergency in Los Angeles. And what I took from the conversation was that “no one” included everyone from citizens to the local government. Continue reading

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problem solving methodology

Thinking in extremes. A problem-solving methodology.

My senior design project professor in college, Haris Catrakis, was fresh meat straight outta Caltech. He had just joined the engineering faculty at UC Irvine.

It’s not that teaching students at UCI is perilous. It’s having to deal with the other faculty members that becomes a problem. At least it was this way in the late 1990s. Continue reading

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