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Free Shopify SEO Training – Virtual 1-on-1 Training

I’m getting a few requests to train Shopify store owners on how to SEO their Shopify site. I’ve come up with a pretty lengthy training course, however, I just don’t know how long it will take to go through the entire thing.

If anyone wants to get a free training session with me, it will help me time the training and allow me to package it better.

Please connect with me using this Calendly form below (I’m estimating it will be 90 minutes, but you’ll help me figure out how long it will really be!):

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A Rather Enjoyable Webinar On Ecommerce Optimization

Want me to boost your marketing team’s performance? I love training marketing teams in person. If you’re interested in having me turn your marketing team into rock star marketers in just one day, then I recommend we chat. I’ll teach them how to do social media, SEO, conversion optimization and content marketing that will take your business to the next level. Schedule a quick chat with me below:


In this webinar, I dive deep into how to optimize your eCommerce website for maximum performance. I go over:

  • Rules of thumb. A lot of internet marketing content that talks about conversion wins and tips are usually just rules of thumb. I dispel myths and how to go about optimizing your site scientifically.
  • Decreasing page load time. I talk a lot about image optimization, content delivery networks and other tricks.
  • Optimizing checkout funnels. How to minimize clutter, steps and noise to optimize your checkout process.

Here Are The Slides:

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