BNI ® GAINS Profile Worksheet

Name: Sean Work


Goals are the financial, business, educational, and personal objectives you want or need to meet for yourself and for people who are important to you. The best way to develop a relationship is by helping someone achieve something that’s important to them. If you do, they’ll remember you when you need help achieving your goals.

Answer: Improve the design of my business.


Some of your best insight into others comes from knowing what goals they have achieved, what projects they’ve completed, what they have accomplished both for themselves and others. Your fellow member’s knowledge, skills, experiences, values and beliefs can be surmised from their achievements.

Answer: Worked on the International Space Station as a structural engineer. I was part of the "Return to Flight" team that got the Space Shuttle program running again after the Columbia accident.


Your interests – the things you enjoy doing, talking about, listening to or collecting – can help you connect with others. People are more willing to spend time with those you share their interests or know something about them.

Answer: History, Molten Salt Reactors, and Astro Physics


How would it benefit you to know exactly what other networks, both formal and informal, that your fellow members are involved with? A network could be an organization, institution, company, civic, religious, or professional associations, etc.

Answer: N/A


As for skills, the more you know about the talents, abilities, and assets of the people in your network, the better equipped you are to find competent, affordable service when you or someone you know needs help.

Answer: graphic design, internet marketing, search engine optimization, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, online advertising, copywriting, website development